Teaching Resources

Of course, there are many good resources on the web and search engines make them relatively easy to find. The materials posted here tend to be resources created by SLAPT members that are posted only here. Materials shared through our workshops are also posted here.

Low-cost/build it yourself lab equipment
Ruben's Tube Standing Wave Demonstrator
LED Photoelectric Effect Apparatus (word) (.pdf)
Low cost motion equipment: BB in tube, battery powered car, wheel and axle, water clock (.pdf)
Human Dynamics Cart (.pdf)
Hovercraft description and instructions (.pdf)
Hovercraft diagram (.pdf)
Low-cost Electric Circuits Kit (CASTLE-style) (.pdf)
 Six Flags St. Louis/Amusement Park Physics
Here you will find an extensive posting of questions to accompny rides, photos and videos of the rides, electronic data and graphs of the rides as well as suggestions for including amusement park physics as part of your curriculum.

Bob Brazzle 2013 President Message: SLAPT President Bob Brazzle 2013-2014 message archived.

Val Michael Message: Past SLAPT President Val Michael has some good tips and links in her message to the Association in 2012.

Hal's Picks: Professor Hal Harris of UMSL makes monthly book reviews and recommendations of books of interest to science educators.

Prof. Phil Fraundorf, UMSL, has created all sorts of interesting animations and interactive applets for relative motion, nanoscale behavior, and many other cutting edge physics topics.

Past issues of the Physics Tempo. These newsletters from 1991-2002 chronicle events meetings and history of the St. Louis area physics teachers. More recent items are a part of the website.

Ham radio links by Marcel Bechtoldt, UMSL

Scale size in the solar system and beyond. A powerpoint presentation with compelling images.

A slightly different take on the classic Powers of Ten movie. A powerpoint presentation you can download from here. The file is in the powerpoint show format.

A source of good multiple choice test questions for both regular and AP physics is: 
username: coach password: kR5Ensin Both are case sensitive

Here is a link has both the emission and absorption spectra of all the elements in the periodic table. It can be projected onto a whiteboard from an RGB projector.

Physics First Resources - Provided by Rex Rice
right-click or option-click to download files
Inverting_the_sci_sequence.pdf - Rex Rice
PhysicsFirst.pdf -Leon Lederman
Shaking_up_Science.pdf - Rick Allen


Lab Practica Examples from 3-08 workshop (.pdf)

Buoyancy Lab Practica - from Gail Haynes (.doc)

Lab Practica - Rationale and 18 examples (.pdf)

General procedures and suggestions for video analysis labs (.pdf)

Detailed video analysis procedure (.pdf)

Spaghetti Bridge Lab (.pdf)

Bowing Ball Motion (Inertia) (.pdf)

Circular Motion Device (.html)

Suite of Energy Labs (.pdf)


Modeling Instruction Program
Curriculum Materials

Mark Schober's version of the Modeling Instruction Program curriculum materials

Outline for Modeling Chemistry



St. Louis Area Physics Teachers